1. Required Information

1. Your name, address and phone number.

2. Appointment date and time.

3. The Clinic/ ward you are to attend.

4. Home pickup or Railside pickup. 

2. Give Us A Ring

Once you have all the required information stated above, please dial the number shown on the left to get in touch with our team and book a seat on the shuttle. We have shuttles going to and from the hospitals throughout the day, hence please book at least a day or two prior to your medical appointment.

07 888 6040

Ring us today to book an appointment

3.  Additional Information

  • Companions may accompany passengers and hospital visitors may also travel, both subject to availability of seating.
  • We appreciate and rely on passengers’ donations to fund this health shuttle provided by our volunteer drivers and support people.
  • The evening prior to your travel, the shuttle driver will phone and advise what time they will pick you up.
  • If you have a District Health Board appointment please have your appointment papers handy when booking, as we are required by the DHB to record some of the information from those papers.
  • The caregiver must provide approved child restraint seats for children under five and for children from five to seven years of age a booster seat must be provided.